Wall tapestries

Wall tapestries are back!. In the past, wall tapestries were nothing more than a carpet that you could hang on the wall. The tapestries of Urban Cotton are made from 100% organic cotton and designed by Dutch creatives and artists. We try to support the art sector with the production and development of our wall hangings. A part of the purchase price of each sale goes back to the maker.


Buying wall tapesties

Do you want to see a tapestry in real life before you decide to buy it? That is possible! With more than 250 retailers, there is always a good sales point in your area. Do you want to buy a tapestry that happens to be unavailable in the store? Then we will make sure that we send a product to them so that you can still see it. Look here for your nearest sales point.


Wall tapestry collection

We publish a new collection of wall tapestries twice a year. The spring collection in February and the autumn collection in September. With every new tapestry collection we introduce 6 to 10 new designs. Is there no suitable design for you? Perhaps with our new collection.


Wall decoration

A tapestry is a new and original way of  decorating your wall. Due to the large size 190×140 you redesign your living room or bedroom instantly. Urban Cotton also has limited edition wall decoration. With the limited edition wall hangings you can be sure that you have something unique in your home. Only a limited number of the limited edition wall decorations are produced. Read more about our limited edition wall hangings here.