the platform for creative talent

Urban Cotton is a design studio born in the creative and raw hotspot Amsterdam. Since 2022, Urban Cotton has joined the interior brands Eleonora, By-Boo and Sevn form Dutch Interior.

Co-founders Jan-Willem and Hester started the studio in 2016, in an old shed by the water. While designing a modern flat in Amsterdam, where lots of glass and high white walls dominated, they were looking for an artwork that would bring balance and softness to the space. They decided to develop their own tapestry, organic and where the creative sector could also benefit. Soon a passionate and inspired team formed, with all disciplines in design and interior design in-house, which still forms the basis behind Urban Cotton today.

our philosophy

An interior built in multiple layers that stimulates the senses is our starting point.

This layering is reflected in the collections of Dutch Interior; where Eleonora provides you with a basis including tables, chairs and cabinets, Sevn is your brand for the living area, where you put together your modular dream sofa and armchair. With By-Boo and Urban Cotton, you make your interior your own, tell your own story and set the right mood into your home. By-Boo with its wide collection of home accessories and Urban Cotton with its variety of tapestries and art prints designed by talented artists.

We work according to the slow design philosophy as much as possible to contribute to a sustainable future. This includes striving to use sustainable materials as much as possible, production in-house, good working conditions and pursuing a zero waste culture. This is a continuous process, in which we keep improving ourselves.

We find inspiration in truly everything around us, our travels and encounters. The definition of art is limitless. A sofa is a sculpture. A cushion is a canvas. A lamp is an expression of abstract geometry. Thoughtful colour combinations and materiality that take us from the ordinary to the extraordinary create experience. Our designs always come from collaborations. With the client, with our team, with designers and with trusted partners.

Art creates experience.