Irene van Ophoven

My name is Irene van Ophoven and I work as a designer and stylist. I translate stories and I just love art and design and what it can do with a room. I have a background in art and culture and as a little girl I literally grew up around textiles and the tactility of this material. I like to collect ideas, to research and combine, and this is what I do when I start with a new design for patterns or tapestries. My inspiration is everywhere; from things in the streets to museums I visit. A starting point can be a colour range I distil from a theme which I study, but also a drawing I make or other materials or images I find that inspire me. In my work I often mix the digital and handwork; sometimes I edit sketches I’ve made by hand in the computer or I start making a test using different screen-print techniques. This often results in abstracted elements. I love designs that are both fun and well crafted. I want my work to reflect a certain beauty with emotion and that it elevates a room to make it unique.



Art Prints