Daniëlle van Herk

Daniëlle van Herk is a painter who lives and works in the south of the Netherlands.She studied Textile Work Forms, Drawing and Graphic Design and later in life Interior Architecture.

For her the process of creating a painting / artwork, the use of the materials is magical. Layer after layer more or less structure and texture is applied, sometimes quite smooth and powerful, sometimes very subtle and transparent. Nature in all its facets is a great source of inspiration. She finds challenges in researching colors and the application of the paint; opaque or transparent, pasty or highly diluted.

She uses palette knives, rulers, sponges, fingers and cloths to apply the paint. She works on large canvases as well as on small panels. With experimental techniques, she stimulates further development and growth in her work. Her earlier work is more saturated in color, while her recent work is more transparent and rhythmic. But always dynamic and powerful.

The greatest compliment for her is when the viewer constantly discovers new elements and is, as it were, sucked into the painting.

Responses to my work are: “special and unique use of color”, “powerful composition and abstraction”, “deep layering”, “the work shows thoughtfulness, attention and emotion” and “very creative and imaginative”.


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