Anick de Rouw

My name is Anick de Rouw and I work as an artist and drawing teacher. My work is inspired by nature, people and stories and it is most of all a reflection of myself. When I started to paint a lot of elements from nature, I was found almost every day in nature. Not because I needed a subject to paint but the other way around. I needed nature in my life and as a result I automatically started to paint nature instead of the female portraits I used to. You could say that the different fases in my life ask for different work to make, or that my work is the reflection of my own life’s exploration captured on paper. The face of a human being is an all time favorite. It always comes back to me and appears in different techniques over time. I love to discover new materials and techniques so I can keep developing my work. My favorite materials at the moment are acrylic ink (fluid) acrylic paint (solid) charcoal (matt/non permanent) and gel medium (glossy).

“Love the magical process of painting because I never know what will pop up”


I would describe my style as “Abstracted figurative”. That’s because it is a figurative image and because it is a very recognizable visual representation of reality. On the other hand it is abstracted and not realistic, because I am more looking for that powerful shape and color that I find suitable for the art, than that I am looking to display the exact reality. I actually find the exact reality very uninteresting, because there is very little freedom for me to create my own image.

I’m always looking for a form or composition in my work that I find powerful enough to put centrally on paper or canvas. Basically it has something minimalistic, but because of the use of different materials I am able to bring more detail and structure into the works. So that it is not just a 2 dimensional illustration, but it also comes to life in the light and from different points of views.

The subject I paint about, actually changes simultaneously with the phase of my life that I am in. Recently I have painted a lot of flowers, plants and animals because I could be found in nature a lot and still am. So while I felt the need to learn more about myself, I felt the need to be more in nature. This created the series “a touch of nature”. I was very attracted to earthy colors and shapes and you can see that in my work immediately.

That said, I really love red shades, this is one of the colors that you also see a lot in my work. As with the Lobster Pose, Mr Crab and a Red flower bouquet, that is the color that plays the leading role.

A new series or part of a series usually comes about when I make an image intuitively, which can literally arise because I try out colors on my paper. When I am happy with the design, I want to make several works that go with it. In general I think a painting also gets stronger when there is a series of it. A few good examples are the sea animals I painted, this is part of the series ‘a touch of nature’, where I made the lobster intuitive and then looked at other sea animals that inspire me because of their shape, color or character. So, a new mini-series or sub-series has emerged.

I also paint portraits and bodies. In the series of ‘body parts’, which some works will also be printed by Urban cotton, you will see the earthy color tones again because I painted this in the same phase as when I worked on ‘a touch of nature’. I used to paint in very bright colors and who knows if that will come back.

It also started with painting women (bodies) for me. This remains a fascination that keeps coming back, but which I always paint in a new color or technique that I am working with at that moment. I also look for the right shape in a portrait, but in this case I find it especially important that the eyes speak. In the portraits of bodies I mainly look for the balance between figurative and abstract, which I then color in by use of different materials. The base for this is acrylic ink and from there I work with one or more other materials to give a certain detailed structure. In these works I opted for a crackle paste that lies very nicely 3-dimensionally on the paper and tears during drying. Because I paint this in the meantime, you can see that the cracks remain white and the top gets the color of the ink. It has something organic because I cannot control the precise lines and I think that works very well. It is precisely the creation of a work that I find the most fun together with the constant discovery of new techniques or materials. When I try out something new again, I start making combinations of other techniques in my head and try to merge them into a new work. That is always the discovery for me.


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