Mikala Gandrup

Mikala is a textile designer by education, and has also been attending several art schools and courses since her teenage years. Predominantly she works on paper using watercolours, ink, pencils and colour pencils, however she does also work on fabric using reactive dyes. Apart from working with abstract expressions on paper and fabric, she also creates textiles for costumes at the Royal Danish theatre in Copenhagen.

In her work she strives to create abstract atmospheres with colours, shapes and mark making. Her fascination for textures, layers, and surfaces, comes from many years of working with fabrics. Mikala has an intuitive approach to how she works, and she often feels that the understanding of how to build up compositions comes from within. Words that describes what she want to explore her work would be: Movements – organic/natural shapes – transparency – layers – textures – granulation – travelling paint – dynamics – atmospheres – sensations – the uncontrolled versus the controlled.


Art Prints

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