Kristel Steenbergen

My name is Kristel Steenbergen and I work as an illustrator and graphic designer.I was born in a small fishing village right on the coast of Kenya and have been traveling the globe ever since. Packing more and more inspiration with me on the way. I work for fashion and lifestyle magazines/brands, book publishers and anywhere else my creativity is needed.My love for the animal kingdom and graphic patterns are the foundation of my work.

“Every illustration has a story.”


I would describe my illustrations as humorous and romantic. My detailed pencil drawings bring out the romantic side in me, but for the image itself I always try to add a twist of humour. I do this, for example, by comparing human behaviour to that of animals. It’s fascinating to see how similar we behave.

Every illustration has a story. The lines I draw need to emphasise the emotion of what it represents or else the magic is lost. A part of this process welcomes some exaggeration, which I’m pretty good at when it comes to storytelling, so I’ve been told. I feel that this helps to bring an illustration to life.

My home is my studio. I paint murals on my walls, I work in the kitchen when the light is right, sit and observe in the garden or do computer work at my desk. My “official” studio workspace is smack bang in the middle of my living room. That’s where the action always is and that’s where I love to work.

When I’m not drawing or painting, I work as a graphic designer for various fashion and lifestyle magazines such as ELLE, Esquire and National Geographic. The combination of illustration and graphic design suits me well. It gives me the freedom to approach art from different angles. I am always on the lookout for new interesting projects, whether they be close by or across the border. My collaboration with Urban Cotton has introduced me into the field of interior design. A new step that I am excited to explore.


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