Why selling via Urban Cotton?

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Qualitative, Transparent and easy

Selling your artworks through the Urban Cotton platform offers many advantages. Together with you as creative, we select the works that are included in the collection. Urban Cotton then ensures that these works are presented professionally and in a qualitative way. In addition, a secure online payment environment is offered, where the rights of both the art seller and buyer are protected. Urban Cotton receives a small commission for each work that is sold and, of course, you receive a substantial part of the sales price.

  • Selling art through Urban Cotton means selling through a professional and qualitative platform
  • Selling art is free of charge (no unexpected costs)
  • Choose whether you pack and send the artworks yourself, or have Urban Cotton take care of this. 
  • Artists receive a substantial part (80%) of the sales price of the artwork (and 75% if packaging and shipping is handled by Urban Cotton)
  • Urban Cotton offers a secure online payment environment, both for the art buyer and the seller.

Urban Cotton offers a stage to Creative artists

Urban Cotton strives to bring artists to the attention to a large public and to offer a stage. Here are some examples of how we regularly promote our artists and creatives:

  • Our strong sales team constantly brings products to the attention in our sales outlets
  • We advise retailers and stylists about our collection
  • Promotion via newsletters and social media (such as Instagram and Facebook)
  • Blogs and articles about our artworks regularly appear
  • Creatives are highlighted on our website, such as with their own biography
  • Our collection is highlighted in our luxury store brochure

Dedicated support to connected artists


Urban Cotton is at all times ready by mail and telephone when you have questions, or when you need advice on selling your work.


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Tips for Success

Read our Artists Handbook for useful tips and inspiration for offering your works through our platform.