Charlotte Greeven

My name is Charlotte Greeven and I work as an illustration artist and live illustrator. I create portraits, fashion and beauty illustrations, and custom artworks for clients. I would describe my illustration style as romantic expressionism; I love painterly textures, and rapid brushstrokes mixed with fine details. When painting live at events, I focus on capturing what makes a person unique while elegantly emphasizing their characteristics. I’m passionate about learning new skills and working together with people from many creative fields. At my studio, I often collaborate with photographers, fashion designers, installation artists, and animators to make my illustrations come to life. Also, I teach fashion illustration to students and professionals. To expand my creative world further, I’m parttime studying Scenography for dance and theatre in Antwerp

“I love painterly textures”

Coffee with Charlotte Greeven

Our first IGTV is online! Come and have a coffee with us and @charlottegreeven. She talks about her work for Urban Cotton, her inspiration and her home town Amsterdam.


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