Anita Spooren

Derelict theatres, abandoned mental institutions

Anita Spooren, grew up in Vught, and is guided by her feelings. She also does this while taking photographs and starts working purely intuitively. “I love beautiful staircases, the wonderful Italian villas, French chateaus, dilapidated theaters, leafed walls in abandoned psychiatric institutions and the steel industry because of the beautiful colors.” Her photos are characterized by the softness of colors, the almost palpable decay and the more brutal processing in industry.

The world of urban exploring is a closed world in which it is important to have a network. Locations are not shared publicly. This is to prevent people with bad intentions from looting locations or spraying them full of graffiti. The code within the world of Urban Exploring: ‘You only take pictures, leave nothing but footprints’. So you will not break in, break and move nothing. You photograph it as you find it. Actually it is not completely legal, after all you are on private property. If the atmosphere of the building is clearly reflected in the photo, if I managed to capture the light in a beautiful way, or if I managed to capture a detail, I am satisfied.

“Only take pictures, leave nothing but footprints”


Art prints