Hanging Tapestries

Our wall hangings are made of a heavy fabric quality. The heavier fabric exudes warmth and class. But also requires a different way of hanging these wall hangings. That is why we will help you in advance by attaching a tunnel to the back of these designs. Below are some tips for these designs:

  1. Curtain rod 

Curtain rod The Urban Cotton tapestries have a tunnel at the rear. A curtain rod is an easy way to hang your new artwork. Roughs are available in all kinds of materials, sizes and colors. You can opt for a tight, simple rod that subtly bears the tapestry or a more striking rod with decorative ends. You can also go for a wooden stick that you buy at the hardware store, for a more scandinavian character.


  1. Flat rod

. Flat lat Hanging up a tapestry using a flat slat is a very effective method. You only have to make a slat in wood or aluminum that can be slid into the tunnel at the rear. Make sure that the width of the slat is slightly smaller than the width of the wall cover. Make a hole on the left and right of the bar. You can now fasten two hooks to the wall over which the bar, with the tapestry, is hung. It is also possible to leave the hooks and to fix the bar directly onto the wall with the tapestry. With this method, the tapestry hangs very close to the wall.


  1. Velcro®

Another method is the use of self-adhesive Velcro Velcro. One side can, if the surface permits, be glued directly to the wall. You can also place the Velcro on a slat and then screw it onto the wall. On the back of the tapestry the other side of the Velcro is stuck. Use a reasonably wide Velcro strip to ensure good adhesion. This method is ideal for curved walls, such as a stairwell.


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