Greta Facchinato

Geezyre is the alter ego of artist and designer Greta Desirèe Facchinato. Since 2017 she works as an illustrator on commission for clients, brands and companies in The Netherlands. Her illustrations are intimate and express the caring for the body and the longing for affection within oneself and with others. Depicted as lines and colours, two bodies might meet for a hug or a gentle touch. Movement distinguishes the drawings, allowing each subject to transform, as it happens when dancing. With backgrounds in dance, sculpture and artistic research, Greta’s practice has often fortuitous outcomes through performance, design, video work and various collaborations.

Greta D. Facchinato, together with artist Raquel S. Gálvez, is part of Fleshquake, a studio engaged in the art direction of creative projects and in the making of video productions & design pieces. By blurring the lines between sculpture, performance, sound art and video, their collective projects are thought-out as choreographic negotiations between the two artists.



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