Wall tapestry Ophelia styled in 3 different ways

Tapestries can be styled in many different ways! Every design matches different styles, but finding the perfect option is not always easy. Does the tapestry design you chose fit your interior at home? I will show you how versatile our designs are by styling them in three different ways.

This time, I will show you how to style our cotton tapestry Ophelia in three ways: Serene Bohemian, Scandinavian and Minimalistic. Due to its delicate lines on white background, the Ophelia design is easy integrable in almost every home. See below to find out how I would combine the design with different interior styles!

Serene Bohemian 

This style is characterized by calmess en simplicity, but also known for its Ibiza-flair. Wooden furniture, rattan chairs, chunky carpets, dried flowers and vases in beige tones. Do you want to get to know more about this style? Check our the moodboard below and our matching Pinterest board!


A bold but sophisticated interior style featuring unique items. The Scandinavian colour palette includes dark green, black, beige and white. Industrial furniture, berber carpets leather armchairs and lots of plants complete the style!


Minimalism stands for luminous, light interior with dark contrasts. These contrasts can be added by the help of frame elements and vases and flowerpots in grey tones.

Curious how the design would look in your interior style?

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