Formats and Materials

The Urban Cotton collection is offered in various sizes and various finishes in terms of material type. In addition to original works, Urban also offers reproductions of works in limited editions. For reproductions, Urban Cotton always chooses partners that guarantee quality and professionalism. For example, Urban Cotton has entered into a partnership with Re-Art, a leading fine art printer and professional lab for artists, photographers, museums and galleries.

Size of Artworks

The size of the works from our collection varies enormously. To help you choose the desired size, we have placed all artworks in an interior setting that can be found on the product page of each artwork. This way you can easily compare the size of the works when a work of art is offered in multiple formats.

Various material types

Besides a variation in dimensions, our collection also has a variety of material types. Here is an overview of the most common material types and an explanation of the specifications of these different finishes. Mind you, the artwork chooses and determines the most suitable material type (or types) for each piece of art. The material types in which the work of art is available, are also mentioned in the artwork on the product page.

Liquid Gloss
Liquid Gloss is a brand name for epoxy. It is a synthetic resin that is poured over a photograph on dibond or artwork. It has a beautiful appearance, among other things because of the sloping edges and is very popular with photographers and artists. Epoxy also has a disadvantage and that is yellowing. Epoxy contains chemicals that can damage the print. The wrong combination of paper, ink and epoxy ensures that shelf life is very limited.

Our products produced by Re-Art have a quality mark called “Certified Liquid Gloss”. Re-Art has found the right combination of paper, coating and ink that guarantees a very long warranty life. This Liquid Gloss will at least yellow (max 7%), has an extra UV filter and a larger color depth. In combination with specially selected paper, tests have shown that this is the most suitable combination when it comes to a very long shelf life. This gives a guarantee of 20 to 30 years.

The certified fine art print is glued on a 4 mm thick dibond sandwich panel. This is then processed with a high gloss or matt coating that is applied in several layers. Because Liquid Gloss has a natural enlarging effect, the colors are brought out stronger and more beautiful. An aluminum suspension frame is mounted at the rear, which gives a floating effect when attached to the wall

HD Finish
HD Finish has as a basis an aluminum panel, which is provided with water-resistant inks that are incorporated into the top layer by means of heat technology (sublimation). The result of this process is a superior end product that has no equal. In terms of contrast, color intensity, color depth, durability and durability, HD Finish is superior to other printing techniques.

RE-ART HD Finish
Re-Art HD Finish is a certified product, exclusively produced and delivered by our partner Re-Art, which announces a new era for photographers, artists, museums and galleries who do not settle for less when presenting their photos and artworks! Design is possible in Gloss, Satin, Matt, Metal / Aluminum and MDF. Re-Art HD Finish is durable (minimum 100 years *), colourfast, water resistant, acid resistant, wear resistant, heat and cold resistant, dirt and moisture repellent lightweight, certified warranty.

Giclée print
Giclée comes from the French verb ‘gicler’ which means ‘to blast or spray’. With this technique high-quality inks are applied in different color layers on special art paper (fine art paper), photo paper or canvas. The Giclee originates in the United States in the late 1980s. Via the Scitex IRIS 3024 printer introduced in 1987, digital files could be sent to this printer for the first time via an Apple computer and printed out. Artists immediately saw the possibility to print limited editions of their original artworks in this way. Previously this was only reserved for artists who used traditional (graph) methods such as silk-screen printing, stone lithography or etching. Marcel Salome (owner Re-Art) already experimented with the IRIS 3024 printers in the 90s to be able to print works of art and photographs and was thus a pioneer in the field of Giclée printing in the Netherlands.

Dibond is just  like Liquid Gloss and Diasec a brandname. It is an aluminum carrier that you have in different thicknesses. It is possible to print directly on the carrier, but that is only possible with solvent inks and they can not be kept for a long time. We print on acid-free fine art paper or photo paper and glue this print for you on dibond. If desired, we can apply an extra top coating so that your work is fully protected.